Man who fled Mason County courtroom after jail sentence caught, jailed

Mason County and Lake County sheriff’s deputies have captured Dylan James Hansen, the 21-year-old who fled the courtroom Wednesday, Oct. 29, shortly after being sentenced to jail.

Appeal hearing scheduled in dismissed murder case against Sean Phillips, Mason County’s ‘Baby Kate’ dad

At the hearing, Mason County 51st Circuit Judge Richard I. Cooper will hear arguments on whether Mason County 79th District Judge Peter Wadel was correct in dismissing a charge of… Read more »

All about absentees? Michigan Democratic Party push appears to be paying off in early returns

One out of every three or four residents who vote in Michigan’s general election could do so via absentee ballot before the polls even open on Tuesday, and early indications… Read more »

Detroit adding 15 homes to auction website; Open house, buyer workshops planned

The Detroit Land Bank is adding 15 homes in the Marygrove and Bagley neighborhoods to its auction website.

Detroit records 28 fires on first day of Angels’ Night run

The number, 28 fires, sounds like an enormous number, and it would be for most departments.